Hosting Support:

Because we use a variety of platforms in our hosted environments, support can be tricky.  Our servers have various settings and configurations that are different depending on the platform you are hosted on.  Contact us to get specific settings related to your custom environment and for settings related to letting you manage your own settings and account.

Remote Support:

In addition to answering questions related to your hosting environment, we also offer remote support to help you configure your computer or email accounts or to resolve other issues you may have using specialized remote control software.  While telephone support is usually included with your hosting plan, we do charge a nominal fee of $49.95 per incident for other remote control support services.  In cases where you problem cannot be resolved remotely, you will not be charged and we will refer you to a third party for additional help.

Our support services:

  • Configuring your email software
  • Helping you with hosted server issues
  • Automated hosted server upgrades and updates
  • Virus and spyware removal
  • Remote control help with various computer issues
  • Network infrastructure planning and installation
  • Router and security firewall implementation and support
  • Cross platform, Windows, MacOS and Linux networking, data and resource sharing support